Birthday & Anniversary Template Download for Kinemaster

BirthdaysMarriage Anniversary

How to make new marriage anniversary video status in KineMaster

KineMaster Editing

New Marriage Anniversary Status Video Editing Tutorial:-👇👇


Friends KineMaster ko open Karne k Badh apko new project select Karna Hai or 3:4 ratio ko select karke media option Jake 10-12 photos add karna Hai then Savi photos pan & zoom k option Pe Jake adjust Karna hai

Transaction Effects:-

Friends Savi photo ko frame adjuste Karne k Badh apko automnal transaction effect ko add karna Hai savi photos main or Es video ko save karna Hai

New Ratio

Friends Video Ko Save Karne k Badh apko Back akar 16:9 Ratio Main Es Video Ko duplicate Karna hai or frame main photos ko adjust Karna hai Phir effect ko change karke fun transaction effect ko add karna Hai

Template Use

Effect ko change Karne k Badh apko layer option Pe Jake effect option select Karna hai or video o ko blur Karna hai next Phir apko layer option Pe Jake media option select Karna hai or template video Lena Hai Phir apko export wala video ko v Lena Hai or frame main Achche Se Adjust Karke baithana hai or Apko audio option je Jake Apka Jo v song Hai select karke adjust Karlena hai

Editing Contact

Guys apko agar mere Se koi v Video Banwana Hai / Birthday Video / Anniversary Video / Reels Video / Status Editing/ Toh Aplog mere Se Contact Karsaktee Ho Apko Contact Details Video main Mil Jayega

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