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Birthday & Anniversary Template Download for Kinemaster

Marriage Anniversary

Brother Marriage Anniversary status editing tutorial

KineMaster Editing

Dostoh kiya apko v Kuch estraha ka brother marriage anniversary kinemaster editing create Karna Chahate toh eske liye apko KineMaster kaJarurat Parega or apko without KineMaster ka link apko mere Instagram Pe Mil Jayega Mera Insta id-prasenjitmandal112

Video Editing Tutorial

KineMaster ko open Karne k Badh apko new project select Karna hai or 9:16 ratio ko select Karna hai or setting’s option main Ajker Kuch project settings karna Hai video ko dekhke Phir media option Pe Jake 30 Second video k liye 10-12 photos add karna Hai Phir photos ko adjust Karna hai pan & zoom k option main Jake or double line main click Karke adjust Karna hai

Round Wipe Transaction

Photos ko adjust Karne k Badh apko Round Wipe Transaction Wala effect ko add karna Hai savi photos main or next apko video ko save karna Hai 1080p 60fps main Phir video ko save karne k badh effect ko change Nahi Karna hai or photo ka Vignette ko on Karna Savi photos main

Template Use

Vignette ko on Karne k Badh apko layers option Pe Jana hai or Phir effect option Milega Usmain click karke blur ka option Milega apko video ko blur Karna hai blur ko settings option Pe Jake 3 Karna hai then back akar layer option select karke apko media option pe Jana hai or template video ko Lena Hai template blending option Pe Jake screen Karna Hai

Or apko Phir Export wala video ko add Karne Badh frame main Adjust Karna hai Phir photo ko adjust Karna hai thik Se video ko dekhne k Badh or Jiska birthday status video bana Rahe ho uska name v mentione Karlena hai Phir audio option Jake Song Select karke adjust Karna hai Phir video ko adjust Karna hai

Editing Contact

Guys apko agar mere Se koi v Video Banwana Hai / Birthday Video / Anniversary Video /Reels Video / Status Editing/ Toh Aplog mere SeContact Karsaktee Ho Apko Contact DetailsVideo main Mil Jayega

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